Work for Gothenburg’s 400 years anniversary

I, together with 10 other musicians in Gothenburg, did a musical piece with 50 recorded voices of regular Gothenburg habitants, each taking one tone.

With only their voices and mine, I put together this choir-arrangement, to without other instruments create a piece reflecting the strong individuals that makes this old Swedish town what it is.

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Example of My music production

Min Stad is a pop production composed and produced by me in 2021. Mixed by Klara Goliger and mastered by Kristofer Göransson.

Eddaheim Game Studio

I can wholeheartedly recommend Constantine as a capable and talented young composer who is quick to adapt and learn, and I believe she will make a great addition to any team, small or large.

Alexander Tange
Creative Director, Eddaheim

Menu Music draft for unreleased game Neon Knights: Humanity Erased

Music for Cinematic Scene in Neon Knights: Humanity Erased. Since the game is not released yet access to the file can be granted only upon request.

Contact me for the password to access the video here.

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A short live video from a tiny desk concert I did in Stockholm in 2023, with songs planned to release as an album.

Game jam

I participated in a Game Jam, Gothenburg Science Jam, in 2022. I had one and a half day to make two pieces of music, and implement them in the game with different level of intensity for the main theme, as an interactive/adaptive musical piece.

Main theme music in game for Gothenburg Science Jam 2022.

Music for elevator-scene in game for Gothenburg Science Jam 2022. This was made in an hour for when the character in the game was riding an elevator, so I thought to make a playful imitation of the stereotypical elevator music, recording my voice in a ventilator room with a Zoom H5 recorder.